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This morning I was in the bus and I saw this child. This little girl, not more then 4 years old.

The bus was quiet as always when suddenly she looked up at her mother and asked : “why is everyone so quiet?” Her mother, trying to hide her lack of answer, decided to tell her little girl to stop asking “ridiculous questions”

The 4 year old stayed quiet for a while. However, when her curiosity was still not satisfied she decided to ask the people sitting across from her the same question she asked her mother. Everyone kept answering with a smile or a weird sounding “I don’t know” So, she decided to get up and walk around the bus and ask everyone else she saw as if she was doing a survey.

This whole experience got me thinking : where has our innocence gone? Where is that child? That little kid that we all had inside of us? That talked to people and questioned everything?

We live in the most populated cities that ever existed in the history of the world. But then again, we are the loneliest people to ever walk the earth.

We never stop to talk to each other anymore. When was the last time you took a second and said “hi” to the person next to you in the subway or even in the elevator in the morning? The most we ever do is exchange an awkward smile.

Not talking to each other makes us not know each other and humans hate the unknown.

We’ve lost what kept us from being so cynical and ignorant. We’ve lost it and we need to get it back. Because our innocence is probably the only thing left that could save us. Save us from each other.

Self Wisdom

You can’t think too much.
You can’t control everything.
Sometimes you just have to have the guts to let go and say fuck it.

The unknown is any living creature’s biggest fear. However, when you learn to conquer this fear, it might turn out to be your greatest discovery.

So, live life in the moment.
Don’t let your past or your predetermined idea of the future decide how this is going to end.

Better have remorse then regrets.

Down that road

I’ve walked down this road before…

The kind of path where everything looks ideal. The trees are all lined up perfectly, the smell of the blooming flowers invades our nostrils with a pure sweetness, the sound of the wind blowing through the leaves and the warm kiss of the sun on our uncovered bodies makes everything… perfect.

The road continues and summer is here. Everything is still great.

We have the warmth of the sand under our feet, the sound and the touch of the ocean breeze caressing our skin. She takes my hand and we keep on walking…

The colours of the landscape are changing. The leaves have started to fall and the air that we so enjoyed, is getting colder. Fall is here.
However, the wind is still blowing through the leaves on the ground leaving us a brief memory of what used to be… We keep on walking.

The cold temperatures are now starting to set in. The trees are naked with frozen branchs that crack to the powerfull chilly winds. Winter is here.

The road is getting steep and slippery. I turn around but the heavy snow has covered our tracks. There’s no way back. She let’s go of my hand.

I’ve walked down that road before…

My question to you is this : When fall disrobes the trees ; When the snows of winter make me shiver… Will you be there to keep me warm? Will you go up the steep hill with me? How do I know you won’t let go?

Adrenaline on Flickr.

Adrenaline on Flickr.

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Up Up and Away on Flickr.

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